Acts 1-8: Why and How to be a Church

The book of Acts represents a distinctive approach to understanding the spiritual life of those who followed Christ in the first century, and how they addressed many of the pivotal issues still being faced by the church today.

The goals of this workbook are to:

  • Discover how the Spirit transformed people of no apparent resume or position, seemingly devoid of many requisite skills, into a community of witnesses that changed the world. Could it happen again?
  • Feel the love the early Christians shared and experienced; and understand that love as definitive for Christian identity, as Jesus said it would be.
  • Celebrate that the Spirit of God is often more keenly felt when human relationships, familiar customs, and the long-held status quo are undergoing dramatic change, as in the opening chapters of Acts.
  • Enhance our boldness to witness as the early Christians did, discovering a power and authority to minister that moves beyond human habits, expectations or calculations.
  • Broaden the vision of why and how we are a church today by learning how first century Christians dealt with internal and external challenges.
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