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The Bible and Spiritual Life Community seeks to understand better the written word in the Bible and follow more nearly the living Word. This Word is Christ, the unveiling of the divine to each of us in ways we can feel and understand in every area of our lives. The specific character of Christ is revealed most fully in the life of Jesus.

We understand the nature of God in the Bible by viewing God’s statements and actions through the lens of Jesus. If a God perspective isn’t in line with the life and teachings of Jesus we emphasize it less – like the passages dwelling on conforming to outward rules under the threat of harsh punishment from God.

It is the inspired activity of that living Word — revealing the fullness of God embracing humanity throughout the Bible — on which we focus our study and practice. Such an interpretative approach is timeless and reveals afresh to every generation why the Bible is the Book of Life.

Our Mission Statement
The Bible and Spiritual Life Community supports exploring God’s purpose in our lives through

  • Bible study that follows Christ;
  • that calls forth deeper prayer,
  • greater service,
  • more fulfilling relationships, and
  • ever-renewing faith communities.

Our Current Theme
Jesus’ prayer for his disciples:
May they be one even as we are one.
– John 17:11

Our History
Bible and Spiritual Life Community (BSLC) is a DBA of Bible Study Seminars (BSS) – a 501(c) non-profit educational ministry. The origins of BSS began in 1978 and soon focused on an annual conference at the Asilomar State Park and Conference Grounds overlooking Monterey Bay on the central coast of California. We still gather there every summer.

Since that early beginning we are also publishing a Bible Study curriculum (Foundation Stones), and offering regional multi-day conferences, one day workshops, and outreach programs for youth and those not as familiar with the Bible or Christian spirituality.

In addition to our physical events we are doing more virtually and on-line, including Bible Studies, call-in fireside conversations, and more coming all the time.