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The Gospel Of Matthew

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Author: Christa Kreutz Our Price: $28.12 5 – 9 copies: $26.72 10 or more copies: $25.31 (127 pages) This…

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Author: Christa Kreutz
Our Price: $28.12
5 – 9 copies: $26.72
10 or more copies: $25.31
(127 pages)

This workbook on the Gospel of Matthew will immerse you in the time it was written—a period of major transition for the early Jewish-Christians. It will explore why Matthew wrote the gospel that he did and why it became so important to the early church.  But as author Christa Kreutz observes, although this gospel became the foundation of what became orthodox Christianity, it was anything but orthodox in the sense of holding to the traditional or conventional beliefs and attitudes of its time, or ours! This is made clear in the workbook’s four radical units on the Sermon on the Mount, the sending out of the disciples, the healing of the Canaanite woman’s daughter, and Jesus’ instructions for the community’s life together (the church). Each of these units includes engaging questions for group study to bring out meaning both in antiquity, and now in our own churches and communities.  Additionally included is an editor’s coda by Helen Mathis highlighting major Christological and theological themes explored in this workbook and throughout the Foundation Stones curriculum series.



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