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An Introduction to “What is the Bible” with Rob Bell

Our Bible and spiritual life community of explorers, pioneers, and bridge builders is perpetually seeking means to mark our trail and journey so others might see how, as well as why. we have traveled the road on which we feel God has led us. The Bible has always provided our trail markers and Jesus (John 5:39,40) our guiding and interpreting light. We stand with Martin Luther in proclaiming that if any feel we have wandered, let us be shown in the Bible where that is the case. Like spiritual pioneers as diverse as John Wycliffe, Mary Baker Eddy, and Pope John XXIII, we profess that any path should only be followed so far as it is seen to be following Christ.

We see Rob Bell’s 75 part series “What is the Bible?” as helpful in illustrating the spirit of our journey with the Bible and Christ, the hope such a path engenders, the joy it celebrates, the fellowship it fosters, and the purpose of service and healing it promotes.

Rob Bell gained national attention with the 2011 publication of his book Love Wins. The book challenged both the existence of hell and the fear of eternal punishment as a valid basis for seeking a relationship with God. Rob’s professional life as a popular preacher, speaker, and author within conservative Christianity ended swiftly as he challenged one of that community’s strongest premises for defining and believing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Rob now speaks to a more diverse audience through his own workshops, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel, and partnerships with other spiritual pioneers like Richard Rohr as well as his wife Kristen, with whom he has just written a new book entitled The ZimZum of Love: A New Way of Understanding Marriage.

Rob recently wrote a series of reflections on “What is the Bible?” that appeared on Tumblr, a social media forum. The Rob Bell team gave permission for our distribution of these posts and we are very grateful.  They can be found in their original form at the following address:

We hope you enjoy this exploration of the Bible’s relevance for our times. In times of change, the Bible honors a very large God who unsettles the norms of the people today as readily as it did its original audiences…if we hear with open hearts and minds.

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