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To listen to previously recorded Fireside Discussions click links below:

You can click on the link to listen or right click and download to your computer to listen at a later time

2017: Fireside Discussions
Nov 2017: Helen Mathis: Centering Prayer
Oct 2017:  Martha Doran:  Money
July 2017:  Pamela Herzer:  Spiritual Solutions to Depression
June 2017:  Dr. Karen Grayson – Dealing with Anger and Other Emotions
May 2017: Barry Huff:  Theological Transformation and Diversity in the Old Testament

2016:  Fireside Discussions
Nov 2016:  Nancy and Gary Hagan
Oct 2016:  Richard Davenport
Sept 2016:  Shirley Paulson
May 2016:  Maria Griswold
Apr 2016:  Sandy Wilder
Mar 2016 :  Helen Mathis
February 2016:  Blair Lindsay
January 2016:  AmiLynne Carroll

2015 Fireside Discussions
December 2015 – Chaplain Allen Tanner – Chaplain Allen Tanner will discuss his biblical, Christ-centered, Jesus-patterned approach to healing
November 2015 – Love your neighbor as your self.  So, How do we love ourselves? w/ Mindy Montgomery
October 2015 – Studying the Bible Today with Jaime Clark – Soles
September 2015 – Lets Hear it for Messy Churches with Todd Herzer
May 2015 – with Shirley Paulson
April 2015 – The Prophets, The Laments, and the Gethsemane Prayer: A Fresh Look w/ David Corbitt|
January 2015 – God As Unflinchingly Expressive with Alex Cook