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Covenant Bible Study

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BSL will be holding their second segment of the Covenant Bible Study beginning January 4, 2018
Segment Two Moderated by Helen Mathis.

Click here to register for the Covenant Bible Study – Segment Two  Living the Covenant

Let’s go deep in the Bible.

If you are like me, you can remember how often you have approached the Bible to find a quote or story to support an idea, a concept of God, that you wanted to back up…perhaps expand and state in a new way. Sometimes I was putting together readings or trying to respond to someone’s need, or my own, with a helpful quote that confirmed the understanding of God that I held.

There is nothing “wrong” with that approach to the Bible. However, if that is the sole or even primary way we have approached the Bible we might look for balance in other approaches — especially when engaging in Bible “study” as opposed to Bible “confirmation.” That phrase may require some listening to unpack.

Have you ever been subjected to others using Bible quotes to give authority to their views of God. This can be wearisome…if the God views they are arguing are different than our own. Perhaps an issue is whether others could perceive us doing the same thing. “Using” the Bible is different than standing before it with awe and wonder at what might happen if we really let the Bible speak…rather than make it say what we deem to be the inspired Word.

The Covenant Bible series invites participants to be engaged by the whole Bible as if they were coming to it for the first time. In three eight-week sessions it explores the major themes of the Bible surrounding the central idea of the Covenant God offers humanity. We are constantly invited to bring our own reflections to the three units of Creating, Living, and Trusting the Covenant and let our understanding of the Bible flow from what it says to us…not what we say to it.

The second segment of the Covenant Bible series is being offered to the BSL community beginning on January 4, 2018.

Click here to register for the Covenant Bible Study – Segment Two:  Living the Covenant