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Fireside Discussions: Tele-Gathering

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Join us for our Summer Fireside Series
“Fresh Approaches to
Challenging Issues”


Fireside Discussion Details:  

When:  July 11, 2017
Time:    6:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm MDT /  8:30 pm CDT / 9:30 pm EDT
Guest Speaker:  Pamela Herzer
Topic:  depresssion

Pam came into the world with a deep yearning to know God and to “feel the unspeakable peace which comes from an all-absorbing spiritual love”- MBE. She was raised by agnostic parents.  The word “God “ was only used when reciting a prayer before bedtime.  It was a prayer that her maternal grandmother, the only Christian Scientist she knew, gave to her mother to share with the family.  She yearned to know more about Love and to “feel the divine energies of Spirit…” -MBE

Pam became active in campus ministry in both high school and college, participating in numerous spiritual retreats and seminars, always seeking to know God. She minored in Religious Studies as a result of her constant seeking.  One day, when a freshman in college, she found two books that her grandmother had given her at the age of five in her parents garage; Science and Health with key to the scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and the Holy Bible. The rest is history.  Pam devoured the teachings and felt, for the first time in her life, the unconditionally loving presence of divine Love. She sought out the love and guidance of her grandmother to help her understand Christian Science and how to apply the teachings to her life.

RSVP BELOW:  Fireside Discussions are held via tele-conference.  Upon RSVPing you will receive an email with the dial in and access code for the BSL Conference Call Line.  We look forward to being with you.

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