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Virtual offerings happen in a variety of settings in which people are not physically present together. While the Virtual Bible studies are offered for a nominal fee, the Firesides, Book Club, and Videos are offered at no charge.

Virtual and Online Bible Studies are delivered in programs received by participants digitally from our Foundation Stones curriculum. They also receive the download of an audio commentary for each unit from the author of the study volume for the Bible book on which they are focusing. People doing this is real time (in a multi-week series of downloads) can also participate on a virtual blackboard and share questions and comments with each other, as well as join in a webinar with the author.

Having done studies on Acts 1-8 and the Gospel of Luke in 2014, check back to see which curriculum offering will be offered in the Winter 2015.

Firesides are conference call conversations with speakers and artists within our community. October through May these happen on the third Tuesday evening of each month and help our community stay in touch and catch up on the work and inspiration of our authors, scholars, musicians, and ministry leaders.

Book Club is another opportunity for fellowship and discussion on books exploring how we live the Bible and explore the spiritual life. The launch of the club this winter is currently engaged in a discussion of Richard Rohr’s Dancing Standing Still: Healing the World from a Place of Prayer.

Videos include a wide range of our speakers from both the National and Midwest Bible and Spiritual Life Conferences. They include TED style 20 minute talks as well as more in-depth presentations.