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August 1 – 3, 2019 @ the Asilomar Grounds
in Pacific Grove, California

Click HERE for 2019 Asilomar Schedule

Our community looks forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of the move of our much beloved national gathering from Lake Tahoe to the historic Asilomar Conference Grounds overlooking Monterey Bay on the central California coast.

The conference will begin Thursday evening (7pm start time) at the beautiful Monterey Christian Science Church; 780 Abrego St, Monterey, CA 93940. Friday and Saturday the conference will be in a meeting space called Kiln just kiddy corner to the Fred Farr Forum on the Asilomar campus.

We do plan to have an evening activity on Saturday.  And so we encourage you to make your accomodations so that you are able to join us Saturday evening.

Speakers will be Dr. Barry Huff, Helen Mathis, and Richard Davenport.
Lola Toben will be sharing amazing music throughout the weekend.

The 2019 Theme is:

Change your hearts and lives! Here comes the kingdom of Heaven!” Matt 4:17, Common English Bible

This was Jesus’ first public message recorded in both Matthew 4:17 and Mark 1:14. Many of us are familiar with the King James rendering of our theme passage as “Repent.” This is similar to its Catholic predecessors back to The Vulgate, which translated the Greek word metanoeo as either “Repent” or “Do penance.” To our ears, and especially many younger folks today, these translations have often raised feelings of failure, shame, or guilt rather than awe, wonder, and amazing grace. Metanoeo literally means noeo (the mind and its perceptions) and meta (which means movement or change). Change of heart and life, not confirmation of merely habitual practices or the status quo, is the message of the gospel. The coming of the Kingdom of Heaven is not for the purpose of validating what the world deems normal or acceptable.

We will be considering how often Jesus asks us to change our mind about something we were pretty sure about. He told his audiences, often, “You have heard it said but I say unto you.” We will explore how that same work of the Spirit permeates both Testaments.

  • We will unpack how the Bible invites us, commands us, to re-think all manner of assumptions as to who is clean and pure, how to pray, how to regard God’s creation through nature, what is the basis of our hope and joy, and how many Old Testament texts anticipate Jesus’ preaching and life of inclusion, reconciliation, and healing.
  • We will also be exploring New Testament calls for change and how that change is to come about. Frank, open, and far reaching discussions will examine how to have peace, confidence, and engagement in uncertain times. How God works in the “dark nights of the soul,” in our despair and grief. We will define and study biblical spirituality and how can it serve to interpret what we read in the Bible and what are the most important concerns for a life un-divorced from God.
  • There will be opportunities to attend workshops and firesides to go deeper in what most interests you.
  • The opening night in the Monterey Christian Science Church will directly connect these conversations with a deep look at The Tenets of Christian Science and the core of biblical and Christian convictions in Mary Baker Eddy’s life and Writings. We will be addressing questions Christian Scientists have surfaced about seeing biblical thinking applied to challenges of our times.
  • The following two days on the Asilomar campus will offer the opportunity to hone our capacity to build bridges to others in using language that is beyond that of our denomination – much like Mrs. Eddy practiced in sharing her deepest convictions in the Tenets without ever mentioning herself, Christian Science, her Writings, or distinctive metaphysical language. The inspired Word (meaning the Logos or Christ at work in the Bible) is sufficient.

At supper one evening she [Mary Baker Eddy] commented, “I do not believe in much organization in church. The churches are over-organized. Were I to have charge of a church today, I should have it founded on the Bible. I should talk to them from the Bible. I should direct their thought to the Bible, and I should expect them to be obedient to the Bible.”

(156) Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy (Amplified Edition) by Irving Tomlinson

For questions or assistance in registering:

Please email us at or call us at 646-580-9774.

We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

CLICK HERE for lunch options/ordering

Your favorite Bible!
*Notepad or paper for note taking
*A sweater
*Water Bottle

LODGING NOTE:  It would appear that the Asilomar Grounds is now fully booked (guest rooms) during our conference.

Other alternatives for your consideration.  
Sunset Inn 831.375.3529 (8 rooms available as of 5/13/19)
Deer Haven Inn 831.373.7784 (plenty of rooms as of 5/13/19)
Wilkies Inn 831.372.5960 (24 rooms available as of 5/13/19)

Breakfast:  We would encourage your to avail yourself of breakfast options offered by your hotel / lodging accomodations.
Lunch:  Participants are welcome to bring their lunch.  To help defray the cost of meals, we are working on lunch options that we will have brought into the meeting space.  Once those options have been finalized, we will reach out to each participant for ordering preferences and payment for lunch(es).  Because of the fullness of schedule, we are encouraging people to not plan to leave the Asilomar Grounds for lunch on Friday and Saturday. 
Dinner:  We encourage you to buddy up with other participants and choose from a variety of local fare for your dinner meal(s).

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