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We would love to hear from you!!

Dear Friends,

Bible and Spiritual Life (BSL) community is a place of safety, acceptance, respect and love no matter where you are on your spiritual journey or in your life experience. We do not judge but strive to express the wide hospitality and embrace that is the witness of the Bible as seen through the model of Jesus (John 5:39,40).

The Jesus model, followed by people of every religion as well as those who have no religious practice, is our lens for viewing the God of the Bible and the grand narrative of the Scriptures. We believe the Bible needs to be reclaimed from narrow or self-serving interpretations that would offer a less-than-Jesus-patterned practice. These interpretations emphasize outward conformity to rigid beliefs, often engender fear and guilt, separate people by casting them in practiced roles and masks, and rehearse a spirit of hostility that too often arrests God’s mission for humanity and for creation at large.

More than any other invitation that Jesus makes to us in the gospels is his invitation to come to share his life. It is the essential preamble in John 8:30 to the back part of the familiar sentence “know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” Jesus wants us to be free…and in John 10:10 he says his purpose is for us to have a “rich and satisfying life.”

But, like the Hebrews leaving Egypt and the leading characters throughout Scripture, our propensity to slavery, to follow inferior outlines of who we are and how we are to “succeed,” is great. So we feel we are only partially able to realize God’s promise and Jesus’ purpose for us to realize the life, the community, the relationships, the joy and the love for which we were made.

Jesus’ definition of Bible study is reflected in John 5:39,40 (paraphrased above) which indicate that Bible study is far more than just learning information “about” the texts of the Bible.

The essence of Bible study is to encounter God pointing to the Jesus patterned life through the study of all Scripture.

Then…we are to allow that God experience to reveal, change, redeem, heal, enlarge, embolden, and empower the way we relate to every thing and every one in our life.  In this progressive surrender of ego or will to control, we put down our efforts to “use” God or our spiritual understanding to control our lives.

​In place of our strivings for attention, recognition, and the crown of success the world celebrates, we increasingly seek to be available as instruments for God to “use” to bless and redeem broken relationships, ethics, bodies, and hopelessness with a transformative Love that most singularly defined Christ-centered community in the first century and still does in the twenty-first century.

Community involves people talking with one another.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Email is the best way to connect with us at Should you wish to speak directly with someone, you can call us at 646-580-9774.

Please note ALL SPAM is noted as such, REPORTED TO SENDER’S ISP, and blocked.  Please be a considerate communicator and not SPAM our inbox as doing so distracts from the work we are all called to.  Thank you.