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2018 In Person Bible Programs Fundraising Campaign

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Dear BSL Community,

We are launching a summer fund drive to support two in-person Bible programs this coming February, 2018. These will feature Dr. Barry Huff and his recently completed decade long dissertation work on Job and the Old Testament. The relevancy of these presentations to our own spiritual life could not be greater. Are we ever tempted to feel shame or failure in not seeing a healing come? Do we seek to better explain the appearance of unanswered prayer and our response to others? Do we wonder about how a church or faith community should approach the integration of concerns about purity and compassion? These are just a few examples of what a dialogue with Job and what it reveals about earlier texts in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, will help us address.

Barry represents the honest and high quality of biblical scholarship and work with the original texts that Mary Baker Eddy sought herself and encouraged in her followers. She did not intend for them to coast on her work, but to encounter Divine Love in their own individual experience. Such encounters, that she said produced the most quick and transformative healing work, she wrote could not be gained through stereotyped, borrowed, or second hand  efforts on our part.

Also, in keeping with Mrs. Eddy’s insistence that such effort not be for the furtherance of sect (including her own), the insights of Barry’s work is being widely acclaimed. His seminary accepted his dissertation “with distinction” – only the third time this century that they have conferred such a honor. The Society of Biblical Literature has asked him to make two presentation at its upcoming national meeting. In keeping with the First Tenet, the “sufficiency” of the activity of the inspired Word (Christ) at work in the Bible lifts the sharing of Scripture to universal conversations. Nowhere in the Tenets of Christian Science does Mrs. Eddy feel it necessary to mention Christian Science, her name, or her Writings.

For the Christian Science Movement, Barry represents the future of biblical scholarship as a young man with decades of work before him. He was with our BSL community in its inception over thirteen years ago and is excited to be able (with his dissertation complete) to be able to again share with us. If you would like to hear a sample of what he shares, please click here to listen to the May 2017 telephone conferenced Fireside talk with our community.

The costs of these in-person events are 80% met by donors. Local donors in each of our two venues,  Southern California (February 2&3) and Texas (February 9&10), have established funding challenges that will match up to $2000 for each event and insure scholarship support for those unable to pay the modest tuition for the workshop. The value of your gift to enable these in-person programs to occur will double with these matching offers. Please click here to see the option of contributing to the campaign for either venue.

To support the the 2018 Bible Programs
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Thank you for your participation in our community!

A  note of gratitude to those who have already sent in their donations to support the 2018 In-Person Bible Programs: *note:  All donations are automatically doubled by a matching donor for each location. 

Southern California – 10% toward goal                              Austin, Texas – 11% toward goal
Matching Donor: $200 of up to $2000                                   Matching Donor: $220 of up to $2000
Carlsbad, CA – Anonymous – $100                                          Rapid City, SD – Anonymous – $20
Encinitas, CA – Anonymous – $100                                          Katie & Dave Shutler – $200
Jan True – $200