Community News

May 28, 2021

Dear BSS Family,

We are so grateful to all of you who have

  • attended our Asilomar Bible & Spiritual Life Conferences or our regional workshops across the country
  • participated in our phone or Zoom offerings of Bible study, book groups, or uplifting interviews
  • used any of our twelve-volume Foundation Stones Bible Curriculum for individual or group study
  • included us in your prayers, told friends about us, or financially contributed to making it all possible

As we have responded to Spirit’s calling and Love’s impelling these past 17 years, so we announce that doing so today leads us to close our non-profit at the end of June. A phrase from a hymn, familiar to many of us, states “New occasions teach new duties…”.  God is constantly calling us to move, to grow, to develop. In the Bible when the people of God aren’t moving, little is being written. New occasions and conversations for our times invite, even demand, new duties and avenues for reaching a world hungering for the messages we have been sharing.

Our BSS Business Manager and Social Media Director AmiLynne Carroll and I are each exploring new horizons for the work we both love and to which we feel called. We will keep you informed about that. We certainly could not have made the progress of the BSS journey these last seven years without AmiLynne. Beyond being an indispensable partner — and a mentor to me in so many areas — she has become an exceptional friend. She and I have committed to staying close and seeking ways to share professionally in the future.

So what will remain of the products and services of BSS?

  • The video and audio recordings currently on the BSL website,, will migrate to our BSL YouTube channel. Go to, enter bible and spiritual life community, then click on our logo and name and you will be taken to a large number of BSS resources to view or listen to. The BSL website itself will remain up until everything is transferred, and then will go away at the end of July.
  • Our newer website,, will migrate its video and audio recordings to our JPBS YouTube channel. When you go to, enter jesus patterned biblical spirituality and click on it to access more recent BSS video and audio recordings. The site itself will shrink in size but remain up, largely to share more widely our non-denominational Bible curriculum and new resources.
  • We will have emptied out our print inventory of the Foundation Stones Bible Curriculum in the next couple weeks. In the coming months, the digital files of each volume will be on the JPBS website for download and sharing by anyone worldwide without charge.
  • Our presence on Facebook and Instagram has been very popular – thanks again to AmiLynne. It is unclear as to whether those avenues will continue, but we will update you if they do. Our individual presence on social media will still be active.
  • AmiLynne’s Contact Information:
    • Professional website:,
    • Instagram:  @amilynnecarroll
    • Facebook:  @amilynnecarroll
    • Kaleidoscope Community:  If you’d like to receive daily inspiration from AmiLynne, delivered directly to you via text messaging, send a text to 720-706-5566.
  • Richard’s blog on Facebook, @gracejourneys, will continue – as will his personal Facebook page at Richard Davenport

Again, my deepest appreciation and love to all of you. On behalf of all who have spoken, written, performed, been interviewed, or served as resources to this amazing community, thank you for the privilege of sharing with and learning from you.

Please take a moment to read some thoughts from our Board below.

Richard Davenport
Executive Director

Dear Friends,

The Board of BSS thanks you for the opportunity of growing with you in our love of the Bible, and for deepening and widening the application of that love in every dimension of our lives.

One of our Board members commented at our most recent meeting:
The education and inspiration people have gained from our offerings have had a ripple effect blessing individuals as well as their local churches.  Many people commented, after attending one of our conferences or programs, how much they had learned and that they wanted to take these ideas back to their individual churches.

We learned that our messages have given renewed hope, faith, and fellowship to many who have shared a similar religious background. It also embraced many who no longer felt fully connected to their denomination or local church. In recent years we have seen our virtual and online ministries expand exponentially to touch every single continent (including a science research station in Antarctica). We reached thousands of people of not only differing Christian backgrounds but other religions as well as no active faith tradition, and new generations of younger adults. We know this is the work of the Holy Spirit, and that the Spirit will continue to guide each of us in the next steps of our journey.

There remains a need for financial support to give some recompense to Richard and AmiLynne in the transitions mentioned by Richard, as well as to cover the substantial expenses of transitioning our presence onto new platforms and covering the costs of having these hosted online and available globally in the future. We are committed to not charging for any of what we are offering people worldwide.

In order for the donor to receive credit for a non-profit contribution, we must receive donations no later than Saturday, June 19. Checks should be made out to Bible Study Seminars, 1361 Dutch Mill Drive, Ballwin, MO 63011. For PayPal, donations click here.

On behalf of my fellow Board members Emily Smith and Doug Hart, and the many Board members who preceded us, thank you for joining us these past 17 years. May the seeds planted during that season continue to grow and be a blessing in your life.

Warmest Wishes,

David Shutler, Board Chair